Quirky Questions

Question Does lemon always have to be yellow?
Answer No Way! Colors listed can be made light or dark, clear or opaque or even another color altogether (with some exceptions). Let us know if you need something different. We’re happy to discuss it.
Question What other shapes do you have that are not listed?
Answer We can work with you to create special shapes that you may want for your particular event or basket. Just reach out via email and we can talk it through.
Question Where do you deliver?
Answer LollipopWorld™ delivers anywhere in the United States, so you can enjoy your “Flip Flop” lollipops on the beach or your “ice cream cones” in Alaska.
Question When can I expect my order to arrive?
Answer We offer over night, 2-day and standard shipping. Keep in mind that custom orders may take 3 days extra, but email us so we can talk. We meet expectations!
Question How are Lollipops made?
Answer LollipopWorld™ uses a proprietary, special recipe and the best ingredients out there. Don’t worry they’re awesome! We guarantee all our deliveries and we guarantee smiles. Just try one!