Consumer Comments

“I found LollipopWorld through my daughter. She had one during a school event, and she talked about it all day…SHE LOVED IT!!! When I asked the teacher where she got the “special” lollipop, she said they were from another student’s mom who’s started a business making home made lollipops. Now I go to LollipopWorld for every event! Kid’s birthday parties, school events, holidays…everything!!! There are so many flavors, colors and shapes the kids are always surprised and having fun with a new sucker. Thanks LollipopWorld!”
Erica Rogue
“I was invited to my sister-in-law’s baby shower and was in charge of “treats”. Instead of only buying a cake at the grocery, I wanted to do something more. I knew about LollipopWorld from my kids and went to the website to surf. I bought over 100 Pomegranate “baby bottles” with cute pink ribbons … they were a huge HIT!!! We all had our “baby bottle” LolliPops and had a few to bring home for the kids. What a cute treat! Thanks!”
Avery Thiel